Tufforce Gun Magnet Holder Set, 3-Pack, 3 Sizes, 7, 12 to 20 lbs. for Magazine, Pistol and Rifle / Shotgun Storage

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10.00 Ounces
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1 unit
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5 units

• Steel cover, Pot magnet, to replace plastic without its Ageing and Low temperature embrittlement, real LIFE TIME WARRANTY

• 3 pieces magnets in one package with three size, and Magnetic attractions for more uses and different situations,

• One Dia. 25, Magnetic attractions is 9kg /20 lbs.; 20 mm , 5kg/ 12 lbs. , 16mm, 3 kg/ 7 lbs.;

• Allow you use them to hold the Magazine, pistol and rifle/ shotgun in your home or car • One screw clamp easier to install and conceal your gun under desk, bed, chair, drawer or in your car…… anywhere you want

*Shipping from Michigan , USA in 2-3 days.

**Put adhesive sticker on Magnet to Avoid your gun bumps, scratches 

Return and refund within 1 month, Replace within 1 year if quality problem.